Map of Australia and Oceania with countries and capitals

Map of Australia and Oceania with countries and capitals in English

  Map of Australia

In 2020 a detailed map of Australia and Oceania with countries and capitals shows where this part of the world is on the world map. The structure includes the mainland Australia with adjacent islands, as well as the small islands of Oceania. Australia, in turn, consists of six states and two adjacent territories.

- Canberra is a government center and a place of storage of national capital. It is located approximately 290 km south of Sydney. It is believed that Canberra lies on the ancient land of indigenous peoples, and his name means "meeting place." Canberra is home to important national institutions, including the Australian Parliament and the Supreme Court of Australia.

- New South Wales is the oldest and most populated state, home to more than a third of all Australians. Here is the bustling and largest city in the country - Sydney. Its location is reflected on the presented map of Australia and Oceania.

- Victoria, although a small state, but a lot of people live. Melbourne is the cultural capital of this state. This is the birthplace of Australian cinema, television, dance, music and football.

- Queensland and its capital, Brisbane, are the warmest area compared to most other states in Australia. It is ideal for all types of outdoor activities and water sports.

- South Australia spans the arid parts of the continent. This is where art flourishes, and more than 500 different festivals take place annually.

- The largest state is Western Australia, its capital is Perth. The largest industry is the gold mining industry.


You can see marine life in Ningulu Marine Park, which is marked on a map of Australia and Oceania. The park stretches for 260 km on the coast of Western Australia.

The Great Barrier Reef is a living masterpiece that can be seen from space. Explore the largest coral reefs, relax on the islands of the Holy Trinity and take a walk through the rainforests. Weingles Bay is listed as one of the best beaches in the world. It is an ideal place for fishing, hiking, kayaking, sailing, rock climbing and simple relaxation on the beach.

Beautiful views

Blue Mountains is a mountainous region in New South Wales that is mesmerizing with its unusual look.

The Dandenong Mountains are a group of hills that form the eastern border of Melbourne. You can admire world-class gardens and picturesque mountains. To build a route to these mountains, use the map of Australia and Oceania, which is presented in English.

Kakadu National Park - an abundance of wildlife, the culture of ancient Aboriginal people, huge ponds, as well as houses for birds, crocodiles and fish. Nitmilek Park in the city of Katherine consists of several gorges and a river. On the territory there is an opportunity to ride a canoe, set up camp and fly by helicopter. Uluru Kata Tute National Park is located in the south of Australia's Northern Territory. This is the most famous mountain range. Rocks are still considered sacred by local residents.

Before you fly to Australia, carefully read the airline fares. Depending on the date of flight and additional discounts, the price of the flight changes. Before the trip, you must obtain a tourist visa by collecting the necessary documents, it is also recommended to take care of the medical insurance. Think in advance of the route of your trip, especially if you are traveling with someone.

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